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Bottomless Pit (My life)

Every day. This feeling comes around. It’s not normal.

It’s not suppose to be there. 

It’s a very confusing emotion.

When I’m at school I’m 

the happiest I could be.

It’s when I’m home

when the feeling comes around.

It’s like I’ve down for a high

but when I come down

I crash

Burning from the pain

It’s too much my breathe gets short

my voice disappears.

My eyes rain

My head pounds like a bass to a beat.

I don’t know who to tell 

I don’t know who to trust,

But during this time 

it feels like my life was a straight line

but I some how swerved off road

I feel like I am going no where


Nothing left.

My life is a bottomless pit 

that I keep falling in.

So how do you get out

of a bottomless pit?

Sad part is

You can’t. 

It’s a cycle that never ends.

It repeats over and over again.

Going on forever.

Until finally one day


 Written by: Chasity Pike-Rainey.(Me)

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lifexistince: i've saw your posts. and i know that you don't know me, but just know that you're beautiful. inside and out. and every little imperfection makes you perfect. if you need anyone to talk too, please don't hesitate to talk too me.

Awh, thank you(: I honestly think people dont want to listen to my problems.

Everything was going great……

All I want to know is why now? Why me?